You Say You Want a Revolution

The dictionary defines revolution as a sudden and great change. Indeed, it seems like the AI revolution came hurling at us early this year, as Chat GPT became available to everyone, worldwide. After the initial buzz, we stop and ask ourselves, what does it mean and how will it affect our lives, our work, our safety, our prosperity? Maybe it’s a bubble, a hype akin to the one we experienced in the year 2000. Hmmm, one has to wonder.

You tell me that it’s evolution. Truly, it is. Companies leading the AI revolution have been working towards this for many years. The seeds have been in the ground for a long time, though it may seem that they came out of nowhere, blooming all at once. If you are not convinced listen to NVDA Q2 con call, and particularly to CEO Jen-Hsun Huang closing remarks.

You say you have a real solution. Generative AI does have real solutions, solutions that make many processes more efficient. Better use of data, and an expanded footprint and TAM for the right tools. It’s a complex to be sure, but that’s the gist of it. Take a peek at ADBE and SNOW for more clues.

You ask me for a contribution. This is where the rubber meets the road, where we get to discern the pretenders from the contenders. At Defender Fund this is what we have been asking ourselves and researching for the past 10 months, which companies are the real deal, offering technology that has real benefit, and is also economically viable and scalable.

Man and Superman. In order to dig even deeper into the opportunity and figure out the ecosystem, we maintain close and productive relationships with industry experts, including programmers, entrepreneurs, hi tech founders and executives. In addition, of course to analysts and market sources. One of our colleagues said that using AI he feels like Superman. Plain and simple. His entire workflow and experience has been radically multiplied by superpowers, This is lifechanging technology optimized by prompt engineering.

It Sounds like Risky Business. I agree. The first time my husband and partner installed CHAT GPT on my computer it felt like an alien had landed on my desktop. I myself am still sometimes suspicious of my new friend, though the more we get to know each other, the better I can appreciate what it has to offer. I still double check and cross reference the information. It’s not foolproof, but then again, what is?

What if this is an opportunity that we can all grow into, expand our capacity to learn and achieve great results, and do so responsibly; still, you may choose to steer clear, play it safe. It’s not for everyone. My personal conclusion? You better free your mind instead.

Irit Jakoby

Dedicated to all those we have lost in this war, as well as to the soldiers of the IDF, the police force, the volunteers, citizens, men and women of valor who are fighting for us all. We will win; there is no other option.