Freedom and Balance – Navigating the New Order

Waking up for work at home may have

seemed like a wild dream a distant year and a half ago, but then
the pandemic began and reordered our daily lives. A wide range of cloud, software, and cybersecurity
companies made a huge leap forward by enabling many parts of the economy to continue functioning
from home. This new routine accustomed ordering out and cooking from home. However, the ability
to eat out was lost. Today, more than a year after the pandemic started, restaurants are coming back.
Now that we have the freedom to choose, eating out will reassume its role.

Back in 2019, two plane crashes brought the entire 737 fleet to a halt with over 4,500 orders put on
hold for what was considered to be the most popular mid-range Boeing. Then came 2020 and the
Coronavirus outbreak shut down the entire airline sector. Spring of 2021; flights are slowly coming
back and Boeing starts to see new orders. The 737 is back with real potential to replace even some
of the long-parked aircraft that may stay grounded.

Boeing regained the freedom to fly.

Looking ahead, the feeling of a post war era is in the air. The effect on aviation, technology, and
entertainment will be huge.

Have a great spring, and don’t forget to book your flight. (-:

Michael J.

Dedicated to Dror Kraus, a longtime friend and colleague, as well as an early partner in the fund, who like myself is in it for the love of the game.