Our Approach

At Defender Fund, our approach is based on leveraging our extensive experience and expertise in US equity and derivative markets to identify and capitalize on innovation.

We believe in the power of the equity market to drive growth and are committed to identifying the most meaningful secular themes and best-in-class companies. To do this, we rely on our deep network of industry experts at the forefront of technology, as well as our rigorous research and analysis.

Based in Israel, we are well positioned to tap into a world-class network of experts and stay ahead of emerging trends in the global economy.

Our Vision

In an economy driven by innovation, we believe that the most compelling places to be for long term returns are equities best positioned to capture market share and leverage new technologies & markets.

We look for market leaders, companies with a strong competitive advantage and a deep understanding of their industry. We believe that those have the potential to outperform and generate strong returns for our investors.

Our Strategy

Our strategy is based on a fundamental investing philosophy; we prioritize company analysis and financial metrics over short-term market trends. We deploy a top down/bottom-up approach; we start by identifying significant secular trends and then find the companies best positioned to leverage these opportunities. We are hedged and nimble in the way we manage our positions. Likewise, we are always mindful of macro trends as those also create tail winds and head winds across different sectors. Our goal is long term returns for our investors, while optimizing risk/return along the way.

Michael Jakoby

Michael Jakoby

Michael has 25+ years of experience in the capital markets, in the US as well as in Israel.

Past positions include Private Wealth Management Advisor at Morgan Stanley (Chicago), Late stage Private Equity Investment Executive at Advanced Equities (Chicago), Private Banker at Leumi Bank (Chicago), CEO of Harel Financial Markets (Tel Aviv), CEO Edmond de Rothschild Investment Services Mutual Funds (Tel Aviv), CEO Koor Mutual Funds (Tel Aviv). Served in Israel Prime Minister’s Office. I.D.F. Combat Helicopter Pilot. Michael holds a BA in Economics and Political Science from Bar Ilan University.

Irit Jakoby

Irit Jakoby

Irit has 20+ years of experience in the financial markets as a sell side analyst as well as in investor relations.

Past positions include Director of Investor Relations at DSP Group, Senior Analyst head of the Israeli desk covering Hi-Tech companies at Susquehanna, Small/Midcap equity analyst at Next Generation Equity Research (Chicago), Equity Analyst at Oppenheimer (Tel Aviv) and FOREX trader at Bank Hapoalim. Irit holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University Recanati School of Business, and a BA in Economics and French from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

About Us

We established I.M. Qualify to serve qualified investors seeking a boutique approach to portfolio management; 

I.M Qualify is currently the holding company of Defender Funds.


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